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    Technological Innovation
    Technology Leads The Future
    Break The Limit of
    Traditional Batteries
    When Lithium-ion Battery technologies are applied in electric car industry, the traditional batteries lack safety and energy density. The solid state battery team at Ganfeng is committed to solving this problem by developing a new generation of batteries with guaranteed safety and efficiency, creating an energy solution suitable for the global market.
    Solid state Electrolyte
    Made from Oxide and Sulfide powder, with industry leading ion conductivity rate. The solid electrolyte sheets are water and fire proof, with malleable and customable shapes.
    Solid state Lithium Battery
    Its energy density can reach 240Wh/kg. The battery can last for over 2000 charging cycles, which would be enough to power electric vehicles, energy storage, electronics and other applications.
    Lithium Metal Cathode battery
    Its energy density can reach 360Wh/kg. We always aim to seek technological break throughs, in order to apply the tech to power machines.
    Chronology of Solid State Development
    R&D for Solid electrolyte materials
    R&D for solid state batteries
    Mass production
    Solid electrolyte powder
    Pliable solid electrolyte sheets
    Solid state batteries
    Solid state battery packs
    Core Technologies
    Solid state Lithium battery Manufacturing Technologies
    We invented "polymer-in-ceramics“ solid electrolyte membranes which contains inorganic-polymer composite materials with plenty of flexibility. Using two way differentiation interface design and process of lamination, rolling and heating, a complete and sophisticated manufacturing process is presented. 130 national patents are in the process of application; 36 national patents have been awarded.
    EMF shielding for TWS cells
    We have invented specialized metal shells and soft-shell polymer films, which effectively shield electromagnetic interference, guarantees the sound quality of earphones, and improves safety and reliability of the cells. 35 patents were applied, including 4 PCT patents and 11 authorized national patents.
    High energy conversion efficiency and durable energy storage
    The user based energy storage contains high-capacity, high-safety, durable square lithium iron phosphate batteries, combined with systematic packaging and comprehensive integration. The system has advantages such as "seamless switching between grids, responds in milliseconds, long-term overload, multi-container operate in parallel with direct current”.
    Active self-equalization technology for the BMS module
    It can effectively balance the charging and discharging process to support more than 3 times of its original charging rate ,while extending its battery life to 8 -10 years. Protection features such as power failure protection and low-power reminder are included. Self-checking and remote monitoring functions are set up to ensure the best performance, thus achieving a maintenance-free power system, while reducing the operating and maintenance costs for manufacturers.
    Owns multiple R&D platforms

    Technology driven

    Ganfeng upholds the concept of “openness, cooperation, and win-win”, and actively develop in-depth integration of production, education, research and use with universities or scientific research institutions and established a three-tiered technological innovation system oriented to production, market and frontiers, in order to realize the “generation of research and development, the generation of reserves, and the generation of listing” to ensure a leading position for the enterprise in the technology industry.

    National Company Technology Center
    The Academician? Workshop
    National and Local associated Engineering Research Center
    National Post-doc R&D Workshop
    Provincial Industrial Design Centre
    Jiangxi Lithium Battery New Materials Engineering Technology Centre
    Characteristics of Our Tech


    We have a highly automated manufacturing system, providing seamless integration and detailed precision, with world-leading quality control and production efficiency.


    Our batteries have been through more than 100 kinds of routine and reliability tests via dozens of instruments. In addition, our products have passed multiple international certification systems, as to ensure the quality of each battery.


    With high specific energy and high output, the battery can sustain consistent charge cycles in ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature environment. It can also be equipped with solid-state technology for all kinds of extreme conditions.

    Ganfeng LiEnergy technology Co., Ltd.

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