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    Solid-state Battery
    Future Tech, Today
    Introducing solid state battery Safer, Stronger
    Using solid materials for electrolyte , we combine high energy density with high safety standards, unlike traditional Lithium batteries.

    Provide customers with:
    ★ Solid state batteries suitable for various scenarios;
    ★ Dense solid electrolyte sheet with fireproof and waterproof feature;
    ★ Solid electrolyte powder with high ionic conductivity;
    Solution to more eco-friendly vehicles

    In today’s EV industry, traditional lithium batteries lack safety and energy density. During the past 10 years, our team at Zhejiang Ganfeng aimed to solve this problem by developing a highly effective battery with guaranteed safety. We help transform the global car industry, our brand reputation, and the battery industry through pioneering the solid state battery field.

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    Energy Density:
    240Wh/kg ~420Wh/kg
    Battery cycle life:
    Safety performance:
    Better than traditional NCM battery
    Production capacity plan:
    2GWh (mid-2022)
    Focus on both energy density and safety

    Area of Application
    Consumer Batteries
    Endless Power
    Smart Technology
    Secure Storage
    Ganfeng LiEnergy technology Co., Ltd.

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