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    Energy Storage System
    Flexibility, Versatility and Stability
    Storage during power generation

    We provide large-scale infrastructure to store clean energy and to stabilize its power output and frequency. Our systems will help decrease the dependency on fossil fuels and push for carbon neutrality. Moreover, this form of clean electricity can be delivered to underdeveloped areas to make electricity accessible and help to alleviate poverty.

    Storage at electrical grid

    The energy storage system can adjust inputs and outputs to allow maximum flow during peak and trough of electricity usage to alleviate stress on the system. Through this mechanism, we can decrease electricity loss, maximize utilization of available resources and stabilize quality of the output.

    Storage at users’ end

    Taking advantage of the price difference of electricity (system charges when electricity is cheaper), the system lowers the cost of electricity for businesses and families. The system provides smart features like emergency electrical power, storage management, electricity monitoring and adjustable power fail-safes. With the help of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), data storage is guaranteed to be secure whether you are at work or at home.

    Why us?
    Types of comprehensive storage system
    Our products include large-scale storage systems (above MW grade), smaller systems (below MW grade), uninterrupted power supply and online platforms for online business, etc.
    Comprehensive support for customers
    We have a well-established system to manage and receive feedback. We can tailor our services to meet the needs of our stakeholders.
    Excellent performance
    The systems can seamlessly connect to the grid within milliseconds (anti-island protection activates within 50 ms, real-time dynamic power turns on within 60 ms, connectivity check every 20-40 ms), high efficiency (over 88%), long life cycle (charges 5000 or over 8 years), is capable of running for a long time even in overloaded state, can be assembled in parallel in freight containers through DC current.
    Sustainable materials and recycling strategies
    We use Lithium Iron Phosphate which is a safer, more environmentally friendly chemical, since it does not contain any heavy metals. Our comprehensive industry chains can effectively recycle used batteries, in order to achieve sustainability.
    Successful cases
    Jiangsu 10MW/54.2MWh User-based commercial storage
    Dongguan 1MW/3MWh User-based commercial storage
    National Power Grid Xuji Cooperation Jiangsu division storage (26.4 MWh)
    Guangzhou 500KW/1.85MWH User-based commercial storage
    Gansu 720MWH large-scale storage display/ Guazhouzi 130MWH project (42MWH)
    Ganfeng LiEnergy technology Co., Ltd.

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